About TuckEat

TuckEat is a food and grocery delivery service based in North Carolina. We have partners with small restaurants in NC, where you can find your local restaurant on our platform. We provide a platform for a small business where they can register with us to grow more and earn well. We are bringing those restaurants […]

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Why TuckEat

TuckEat came during the time of the pandemic of COVID19. Our motto was very simple and noble to help and support small businesses when they were shutting down. We registered them on our platform so that people know about them and buy food from them. During the time of the pandemic, we know many people […]

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Mission & Vision

We always have in mind to support and help small businesses. Be it a grocery shop, cake seller, or restaurant we are supporting all business. We are growing our wings to cover more and more local businesses. Our team is working day and night to support the local business by helping them to register on […]

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